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What is the Collectprime Marketplace?

A marketplace is a place where you can announce your items for thousands of clients, and find items that you need from other sellers.

From collectors to collectors

Sell your items to the right people, at the right time, and at all times.

Access to thousands of collectors doing digital management of their collections at Collectprime, by marking the items that they have and they wish
Stay where your clients are, at any moment
Sell more to the right public
Find items that you search for
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Let the expert take care of the marketing, search and client engagement jobs with: Collectprime.
Deal, buy and sell items in the fastest and safest way, at any moment.
Give access for your clients to the newest and best ways of payment types
Increase a lot your selling numbers, and see yourself free from stocked items.
A modern way to deal collections

Buy that item that you’re looking for a long time and you didn’t find anywhere

Learn about your new clients and increase your selling for a selected public thirsty for quality items for their collections.
Buy the item that you always wanted with the grade that you desire
Know what’s is the most wanted items
Stop losing opportunities of dealing the item that your client wants
Modern, digital and intuitive

Sell your items with some clicks

We already have the technical information of your item. You just need to select the item you want to sell, telling the year, grading, the price and upload the real photos of your item.
Use the technologies in your favor, by facilitating your life and increasing your sales
Easy and fast to sell more
Your sales online 24/7

Collectprime exists for you and the entire universe of collectors.

If you still have doubts, here is a summary what we can offer you

To buy

  • Find the items that you’re looking for, in the grading that you want them.

  • Inform us of the items that you wish, then we will notify you if someone is selling them.

  • Don’t lose any opportunities of business because you don’t have a specific item.

To sell

  • Have access to thousands of collectors with the information of the items that they want

  • Your items for sale at the easiest and fastest way, 24/7

  • Provide to your clients many ways to pay, and increase your selling