Published on: February 1, 2018
Date of entry into force: February 1, 2018

1. By accepting these Terms, the User allows Collectprime to collect, store, use and, in its sole discretion, to transmit or make available to third parties the data and information provided by it at the time of registration on the Platform, as well as the data and information arising from the use of the Platform, in a non-individualized way.

2. Collectprime may use Users’ personal data for analysis, studies, reporting as necessary for the proper functioning of the Platform.

3. Collectprime makes measurements as it deems appropriate, such as and not limited to, storing on servers or high security magnetic media, to protect and help prevent unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destruction of User information collected by means of the Platform. However, Collectprime is not responsible for the improper use by third parties of the information provided by the User.

3.1. If the User considers that his or her information has been improperly used by third parties and in disagreement with these Terms, he or she should contact Collectprime by email at or by the Contact Form available on the Platform. In such case, Collectprime will analyze the claiming and will take an action it deems appropriate.

3.2. Collectprime shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the violation of these measurements by third parties who use improper, fraudulent or illegal means to access information stored on its servers or databases used by Collectprime.

4. Collectprime will store User data for 12 (twelve) months after the cancellation of your Collectprime account.

5. Qualified Users who try some trial version will have thirty (30) days to migrate to a stable version before his or her data is permanently deleted.

6. Collectprime stores information regarding to searches, usage patterns, collections management, and other actions performed through the Platform and may disclose them for specific purposes of the Platform. The User hereby authorizes Collectprime to communicate to associations, merchants and relevant authorities if Collectprime has reason to believe, in its sole discretion, that the User is involved in any activity considered to be illegal, unethical or harmful to collecting, which violates the rights of third parties or otherwise violates these Terms.

7. Collectprime shall not be liable for any loss of User data, including arising from unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure occurring due to breach of security and access to the Platform by unauthorized third parties.

8. The login and password of each User serve to ensure his or her own privacy and security. Collectprime advises its Users not to share this information with anyone. Collectprime is not liable for damages or losses caused to the User by the sharing of this information.

9. All information provided by Users to Collectprime is protected by specialized companies and all information collected through the Platform is stored in secure and restricted access environments.

10. Collectprime follows the security standards commonly used by companies working with data transmission and retention to ensure the safety of its Users. However, as no method of transmitting or retaining electronic data is fully secure, everyone may be subject of external attacks. Thus, despite of using all possible and appropriate means, Collectprime cannot guarantee the absolute security of the information provided by the Internet.

11. The name, email, date of birth, gender, country and other User data may be used to send notifications, account information or contracted services, notices of violations of the Terms, advertising or promotional materials, and other communications that Collectprime deems useful or necessary. The User may request Collectprime to delete his email from the mailing lists through "unsubscribe" links in the footer of each sent email.

12. Collectprime will provide all the information requested by the Government, by public agencies or by the direct or indirect administration, provided that they are duly justified and compatible with the law in force.

13. Collectprime uses cookies and tracking software to provide its users with the best possible navigation, based on their needs, as well as internal searches. These cookies do not collect personal information, only inform Users’ usage and navigation preferences, and provide to Collectprime statistics and data to improve its services.